About Us

The Dunleer & District Historical Society was formed as a group in early 2012. The meeting was organised through contacts within the local area, Dunleer Parish and members of the County Louth Archaeological & Historical Society.


Society Members 2012

The concept of a local area historical society was first discussed between like minded individuals in the Dunleer area. Prior to this event a number of photographs had been collected and displayed by the local Photographic Society (Mid-Louth Camera Club). “From Lann Léire to Dunleer, A photographic Journey” was published in December 2009. The book was written and complied by Very Rev. Michael Murtagh, Parish Priest of Dunleer.

The interest in local history grew from the publication of this book and other events in the area. The Dunleer Parish magazine, LLR (Lann Léire Review) has to date had a quantity of articles published in the history section of the Dunleer Parish magazine, the LLR (Lann Léire Review). Many of these can be viewed through our website – www.midlouthhistory.com

The Society came into formal existence on the 16th February 2012.

The primary aims of the Society are:

  • To create and promote an interest and awareness of the local history and the shared journey.
  • To promote a complete and whole community by a society that is based on the principals of diversity, equality and transparency.
  • To record, document and preserve primary source material (old photographic, documentation, newspapers, audio / visual etc.)
  • To support and undertake projects that record and preserve first person experiences and stories of events in the local area.
  • To produce and organise historical themed events for the enjoyment of all members of the community.

The Dunleer & District Historical Society has been organised in line with the standards of voluntary and non-profit Societies. The basic structures of the Society are the Officers of the Society and the Council of the Society. Working committees can be created and formed by the Council of the Society to produce larger projects which may arise from time to time.

The Society is governed by the “Society Constitution”, “Society Rules” and the “Society Standing Orders” which are adopted by the Societies membership and which can be altered or amended at any time into the future by the Societies members.